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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Overnight Camping & Beach Hopping at Padre Burgos, Quezon Day 2

It was my first time camping. Sleeping in a tent on hard soil with my bag serving as my pillow, it wasn't really comfortable at all. But it was okay, just the thought of me being close to nature is so wonderful. I remember that night while we were by the bonfire, infront of us was the calm sea water and then I laid down the sand, stared at the starts, the view are just so magnificent!!

At 5am, we woke up to cook our breakfast. The tide was low and the view of the sea looked entirely different compared to last night. It wasn't a good sight as there were a lot of sea weeds, more so, not a good time to swim.

We checked out the other side of the island.

We also saw a lady digging through dead corals in search for clams.

I guess this will be their lunch.

When we were done touring the other side of the island, we came back to the camp site to see a fish vendor arrived. We bought fish and pusit for lunch.

We took our final shot in Dampalitan then bid goodbye.

Puting Buhangin / Kwebang Lampas

After Dampalitan, our next stop was Puting Buhangin where Kwebang Lampas can be found. The boat trip was really long, I think around 45 minutes.

The first thing you will notice about this island is a big signage telling that the place is privately owned. We were then approached by a guy informing us of the 50 pesos entrance fee.

The sand here is finer and whiter compared to the sand in Dampalitan. There's a part wherein a long stretch of sand is as fine as the one in Boracay. This place is best for swimming but watch out for big sea urchins. If you go far enough, you'll see a lot of them.

Below is a view of Puting Buhangin from Kwebang Lampas.

Other side of the cave will lead you to an open sea.


We were very curious to see if the name really represents it. Well, definitely the sand is not like Boracay's, though the rock formation can be compared to the one in Palawan. We didn't swim, I guess simply because the water was not inviting as the tide was strong. I'd rather swim in Puting Buhangin than here. By the way, entrance fee is P15. There is a store where you can buy softdrinks and ice.

We spent our noon here. There are cottages available for free but it was full that time. There's a restroom but the smell was so pungent. We wished we could have spent lunch in Puting Buhangin instead in Borawan.

After we left Borawan, we took a shower at Barangay Hall's shower/restroom for P15. We settled payment at their tourism center and was charged for P1800 for the entire island hopping plus P10 each lifevest. I really think that lifevest is included in the tour.

We took a tric going to the waiting shed where we'll ride a jeep or bus bound to the Central station in Lucena. 2 Jac Liner buses were waiting, Cubao bound and Pasay bound. No need to worry as buses leaves every 15 minutes.

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