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Saturday, November 17, 2012

EL NIDO, Palawan: Day 1: Island Hopping - Tour A

7 Commando Beach

It was getting late. At 2 PM, we have just ended Tour C and we are still to complete Tour A. We consumed most of our time on our lunch since they still had to cook food in the beach and then for some reason, the boat's anchor got stuck underneath. One of the boatmen tried to search and swam for it for around 30 minutes to no avail.

Secret Lagoon.

hidden by this cliff is a secret lagoon. from here, the lagoon can already be seen. 

Small Lagoon.

me swimming through the opening. 

Big Lagoon.

As our boat stopped at the entrance to the big lagoon, the tourguide explained we have to walk to reach the lagoon itself. Since it was far, our group decided to skip this. This place is best for kayaking.

7 Commando.

I love this beach! The sand is powdery white and has long shoreline. I was looking forward to spending more time here however I was surprised that after 30 minutes, our tourguide called to leave.

That's the end of Tour C. We weren't able to visit the Zimizu Island but I heard its a perfect place for snorkeling.

For Tour C, the best spot for me is the 7 Commando. I love it! They say, the owner of this beach will put up a resort in here. The lagoons are great but since I've seen and enjoyed so much of it in Coron already, they no longer interest me. hehehe..

Again, Combination Tour A & C costs P1,300. Drinking water is not included. Oh, there's an environmental fee of P100 each.

We ended our Day 1 with a dinner in Sea Slug and a photo by the beach.

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Palawan resorts said...

Nice post. I love the pictures, especially the fourth one (featuring the great rock formation against the blue waters). We are glad you enjoyed your stay in EL Nido. Hope you can find time to visit other islands soon :)