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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Revisited

After 2 days of island hopping in El Nido, Bee and I decided to spend the remaining days of our trip in Puerto Princesa.

It was bittersweet leaving El Nido. Sad for leaving such a wonderful place and happy at the same time for being able to witness what they call beauty at its best!

Day 4: Going back to Puerto Princesa

Call time was 9am. We were told to wait at this hour to be fetched by the van driver. We had breakfast in a carinderia located in town then went back to the lodge to pack our stuff.

Two guys fetched us and guided us to the van. I felt rejoicing seeing only 3 passengers (hubby, me and a Singaporean?) inside. I started fixing myself, trying to get comfortable sitting for the next 6 hour ride... until..... we made a stop at a terminal infront of El Nido's market. I realized it was just a transfer and an almost full Eulen Joy Van was waiting for 3 passengers more.... and that's US! We squeezed ourselves at the back of the van. Lucky for us, our built is JUST enough for the allotted space unlike white foreigners in front. We paid 700 each.

Unlucky Incident.

Before we even reached a quarter of our destination, the van had a flat tire!!! We had to reload and waited for around 10 minutes while they change tire.

Then hit the road again. We stopped by Taytay.

Then we had lunch in Fort Wally.


So finally we arrived in Puerto Princesa!! Yey!  Our van stopped at San Jose Terminal and looked like it wouldn't move anymore. The driver said he can only bring us only at this point which caused annoyance to passengers. He started talking to some tricycle drivers to bring us to our accommodation, which means additional charge for us.

It was crazy!! The van wouldn't move and we (passengers) all agreed not to step out of the van either. We insisted that we were told by our coordinators of the transfer service that the van will drop us off to our respective accommodations. It was like there's a mini protest inside the van! After a few discussions, the driver finally drove. I didn't know what happened to other passengers as we were the first ones to get off the van but I do hope they were really brought to their hotels as it would really be shameful if not. 

It was almost 3PM when we arrived in Puerto Princesa. It was scourging hot at this hour of the day. We started looking for an Inn recommended to us by someone we met in El Nido. He said a room would only cost  P700 per night with A/C. Since this Inn is  pretty new, built just this year and not yet well known, we weren't able to find it. Then a travel agency helped us look for a cheap Inn we could stay for a night. They recommended Circon Businessman's Inn located near the town's plaza.

We availed their Non AC room for P700 per night with free breakfast. Well, we didn't really mind after staying in El Nido for 3 nights with just electric fan. The room is small with hot and cold shower.

So....... here we are again in Puerto Princesa after 8 Months! I remember, it was February when I first fell in love in this place. I always tell anyone that aside from Baguio, I can live here and it's the same reason why I just can not skip this.

What did I miss in Puerto Princesa last February? Hunda Bay!!!! I promised myself during my "I shall return" moment I'd do Hunda Bay Island Hopping. It crossed my mind especially when we decided we'll be staying in Puerto Princesa for a day. However, I was asked by some kuya in El Nido why do Hunday Bay when I already experienced and saw the best beaches in El Nido????!!!! Hmmm... kuya has a point. sige na nga.. wag nalang! hehehe... Anyways, gastos din iyon. Char!

Another is Ihawig Tour. Well... I can say, I am not really fond of fireflies so... skip! But maybe someday...

Hubby and I didn't waste time. Before we began to wander off Puerto Princesa, we arranged a dinner reservation at Kalui.

Bee and I remember distinctively where the Tiangge Tiangge is located after our tour the last time. But when we got there, the store had a different feel. There were few visitors to almost none! Then I learned from one of the Sales Ladies that the original Tiangge Tiangge is now at a new location. So that is why!!

We stopped by the market to buy Pusit and danggit! 
The busy Market
We also tried their crispy fried isaw! I didn't hesitate at all, without fear of acquiring hepa because buyers can only dip the isaw once. Surprisingly, the isaw's crispiness is delicious! The vendor proudly announced, they had to go to Manila to learn this food! :) 

signage that says "isang sawsaw lang po"
Bee and I went to the real Tiangge Tiangge. We felt the vibes when we first spotted it. The commotion and the buzz of buyers/visitors. Yeah, this is the place. Van's are parked outside, which I bet are doing the city tours. Tiangge Tiangge is part of the City Tour. 

We also visited the Baywalk where there is perya (fair). I giggled as I stepped on the ferris wheel. It was such a fun time!

We spent our night dining in Kalui Restaurant. We ordered the same - Kalui Special of the Day. The last time, we were delighted with their complimentary dessert. A fruit salad in a coconut shell with brown sugar given to each one of us. This time, they had tuna as complimentary food then a dessert to be shared by 2! I was anxiously anticipating the dessert pa naman but that's okay...

After dinner, hubby and I wanted to go to Tiki Bar but for some reason, our tiredness got in the way. So we decided to head back to our room and call it a night.

Day 5: Itoy's and Robinson's Palawan

After eating free breakfast served by the Inn, we visited Itoy's for the second time. This time, we accomplished posting a message on their famous wall, just like what we intend to do. We weren't able to do this the first time we went here and I'm sooooo glad it happened this time!!!!!!!

11AM. It was time to check out......... Our flight was at 5:35PM. So where we spent the remaining hours? In Robinson's Place Palawan!

It was just a jeepney ride from the town to Robinson's Place. There, we ate lunch and watched a movie!

After the movie, we were just right on time. We headed to Puerto Princesa International Airport and waited for our plane bound for Manila.

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