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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Subic Getawayyyy

Getting to Subic via NLEX and SCTEX

Thank goodness it was a hassle-free trip to Subic for us. We left house at 5:30AM, then headed onto NLEX Marilao. We exited at Dau Toll Gate then followed the signs that lead us to SCTEX. We exited at TIPO and then after 2 hours, we were at Subic Bay Freeport Zone!

It was our first time to visit Subic with a private vehicle and this is one of those "bahala na" and "derederecho lang yan" trip. But really it was just very easy.. and fast!! Thanks to NLEX and SCTEX!

It was funny looking at my husband drive VERY carefully around Subic Bay after reading and receiving advises from people who've been there to ALWAYS take a full stop in EVERY intersection. It was nice seeing vehicles do that.

7:30AM, we ate breakfast at one of the fast food restaurants before heading to Zoobic Safari. We just followed the main road and hoped we don't get lost. We saw roads branching from the main one and sometimes it confused us. I lost track of the direction from the Google Maps I printed out. It got me lost at one point, then decided to just trash it since it wasn't that helpful. I hope they add more signs on the road so it would be easier especially for first timers.


We arrived in Zoobic Safari a little early before 9 AM. After paying the entrance fee, we were advised to proceed to the waiting area until our Guide fetch us. Our tour started at 9:30 and it was explained that the tour will take 2 1/2 hours. 

The Savannah Tour was over-rated for me. I thought I'd experience a NatGeo-kind of savannah where we'd see wild animals roaming around. With my experience, we only saw one tiger lazily resting under a shadow. The guide had to persistently call and entice this tiger with a raw chicken on his hand so the tiger would finally get near us. Then the staff threw the chicken onto our roof so tiger would follow and the other tramp could get better shot of a tiger on top of our tram. 

Still, the close encounter of seeing a tiger ravenously eat the chicken was a awesome. 
i just thought this ostrich was smiling at us.

The entire tour was interesting. It was so tiring though. Maintaining this zoo is very expensive  but guests can help by feeding this animals for a certain amount. 

Ocean Adventure.

The highlight for this tour for me is the Dolphine Show. I guess, others would agree too. I am amazed with the dolphine's intelligence in mastering these tricks. And of course, I am equally amazed with the passion the trainers have in working with these fantastic creatures. 

I also enjoyed the Balancing Act show. Their energy, stamina, strength are beyond the roof! It was crazy!!

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