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Thursday, October 24, 2013


There has been many stories as to how Siquijor was named as such. According to wikitravel, "Siquijor Island or Isla del Fuego as the Spanish named it, due to the intensity of fire flies lies some 22 km east of Southern Negros. Legend has it that Siquijor rose from the sea during a tremendous thunder storm sited as evidence is fossils and shells which can still be found in Mount Bandila-an, Siquijor's highest point. While the coastline is mostly white sand beaches, oceans full of tropical marine life the interiour is mountainous."

Siquijor is interesting in its own way and this is the reason why we chose to visit it in the first place.

How we got to Siquijor?

We booked a flight (from Manila) to Dumaguete City. In Dumaguete is a port bound for Siquijor. At the time we were in the pier, a ferry scheduled to leave at 1pm was already full and the only option we had was a 3:30 PM schedule. It was only 11:00 AM then. 

My friends and I decided to take a night in Dumaguete and head on to Siquijor the next day. You see, you can not make reservations for the next day trip.

Next day. 7AM. Hubby and I were already at the pier with the hope of booking a ferry scheduled to depart at 9AM. Unfortunately, 9AM schedule was fully reserved!!! Seriously?? at 7AM??? I can't imagine what time these people got here just to make reservations. Grabeh!!

The next schedule we learned was at 12noon. We didn't have a choice but to take this schedule. It's either 12 noon or their last trip 3PM. The worst thing about this whole bruhaha was that there's no decent line in the booth. There's only one shipping company open that day, JayLann, and the staff just let the hopeful passengers cram at the window of their booth. I was able to get a chance to snatch the pen so I could write our names in the reservation list and before I could finish, hands were already in a position, awaiting to seize the pen I'm holding. It was crazy and worst! Really.

Hubby and I got back to Hotel Palwa to eat breakfast and packed our stuff. 

Jaylann Fee: P120
Travel time: 1 hour and 30 min
Terminal Fee: P15



This will greet you as you enter the Siquijor town proper. Behind it is the St. Francis de Assisi Church and Bell Tower.
Siquijor is also famous to having the clearest port! And it holds true. It really is a WOW!!
tiny fish can be seen

The famous Siquijor tourguide, Kuya Joam, was not available at that time. Though he was our contact person, he willingly helped us look for another tour guide. That's what he does every time he receives calls from multiple groups. 

Our tour guide greeted us upon our arrival. We didn't have any accommodation and when he asked us, End of the World by Ate Lorna first popped in my mind as it is known to offer cheap accommodation. He led us there but didn't like the exterior we saw. He said the resort was burnt down and they are still renovating the place. He suggested Royal Cliff Resort, which we declined because it only has a tiny portion of sand and the water is not swimmable. Though this place is great for some quiet time, drinking session at night. He brought us to two more resorts and finally we settled in Coral Cay Resort. 


Coral Cay Resort
Garden Duplex (Sinugdanan Room), 4 Persons (2 double beds) - P1600
Non-AC Room; With hot and cold shower

pardon the mess
What I like in this resort is its facilities. And the ambiance is like you are in a garden. They accept credit cards too. But what I didn't like is that the staff weren't friendly, as if they don't care if we are their guests and their food is a bit pricey.

We didn't need an airconditioning that night because of the rain! They are very strict with swimming pool attire and can swim til 10 PM.

Around Siquijor
Siquijor Tour c/o Kuya Joam - P1000/tricycle

We got so excited when our tourguide told us we're going around the entire island! I remember our inland tour in Camiguin where we toured the island the whole day! Siquijor tour is around minimun of 3 hours.

since our resort is in San Juan, we'll proceed with our tour counter clockwise!

The moment we arrived in Siquijor, I thought, this is it, pansit! This is THE trip I've so long been waiting for! I felt my adrenaline rush and couldn't contain my excitement. I wanna experience what Siquijor could offer!

St. Francis of Assisi

Since this welcomes everybody once arriving in Siquijor, our guide suggested checking this out as part of the tour.

"Began by Fr. Setien in 1793, finished by Fr. Alonso de Los Dolores from 1795 to 1831. Its bell tower was created in 1891, built to protect and forewarn the island folks of approaching pirates and other adversaries."

Capilay's Spring Park
Free Entrance

There were kids swimming playfully in this park. The water comes from the mountain and the kids say its cold. There are tables available for those who'd like to picnic. You could see tilapias and other small fishes.

Balete Tree

They say this is an enchanted tree. At the foot of this tree is a well people can freely swim. A lady was even doing her laundry. Tiny fish can be seen here and some guests soak their feet at the water while fish tries to nibble them.

Crocodile Hill

Called a Crocodile Hill because of its shape

Lazi Church

Also called as San Isidro Labrador Church is considered as one of the National Cultural Treasures by the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

According to my friend, Wikipedia, "The Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) has also designated the conservation and protection of more than 30 other Spanish-era churches to be of utmost importance. These were registered as National Cultural Treasures. These churches were given priority status not just due to their historical value, but also based on the geographic representation of various regions across the nation.."

This is by the far the most interesting church I've seen. There is this eerie feeling inside. When I walked on the floor it's like there's something underneath it. I didn't last long, there were goosebumps under my skin so I stepped out immediately. Hey, it could just me, being the matatakutin that I am.

so old that the floor is made of wood
across the church is this convent. i didn't dare get inside. from the looks of it, this convent looks creepy

Cambugahay Falls

My two super happy, gay friends call this Cabugera Falls! (from a gay linggo word, kabogera). To get here, we parked the tricycle along the highway for P20. There is a tourism guy who approached us and registered our names.

We trekked for around 5 minutes before reaching this place.

One of the three-tiered waterfalls. This is the first falls you see upon arriving in the area. 
Bee surely had a blast!!

Salagdoong Beach
Entrance Fee: P15
Cottage Fee: P100

There are also rooms available for those who would like to stay overnight in this resort.

An Abandoned Century-Old House

Pan De Bisaya

Our last stop was at Ate Lilibeth's store. It's my first time to taste a freshly baked bread from a native pugon or a wooden-fired oven and it's really delicious!!

ingridients for the famous bocayo-stuffed bread. 

Ate Lilibeth and her native pugon

Ate Lilibeth's Store
I didn't get to see a witch or mambabarang, which could have been the highlight of my trip. I told our tourguide I wanted to see one and he willingly offered to take me there. I just wanted to see one and buy some oil but not to "barang" someone! lol! Kuya tourguide told me it's expensive to put a curse on someone and explained the long process how these shamans do it.

What interests me in Siquijor probably because it's my first time to experience them are the Lazi Church with floors made of wood, the Pan De Bisaya ni Ate Lilibeth and the clearest Port I've seen!

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