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Monday, November 18, 2013

Bacolod City

My friend and I planned that when we reach Bacolod Airport, we'll go separately and we'll just meet again in the airport for our flight back home. It was a good idea as I've always wanted to try travelling solo. As they say (and I believe), it's a very fulfilling and liberating thing to do. But as my departure date came approaching, I started to feel hesitations if I could do it. A 4-day trip was too long for me to roam around all by myself and the thought of leaving Bee in Manila saddens me... I guess, I was not prepared yet. I still need to muster enough courage to finally complete task. Someday. I promised myself.

Generally, our itinerary is this:

October 5 - Day 1 - arrival in Bacolod
October 6 - Day 2 - morning - Tour Bacolod (Park, Bacolod Cathedral & City Hall)
                                afternoon - leave Bacolod for Guimaras
October 7 - Day 3 - morning - tour Guimaras
                                afternoon - back in Bacolod.
October 8 - Day 4 - morning - leave Bacolod City
                                afternoon - Silay City tour
                                flight back to Manila

I booked Bee a separate flight a week before. I'll arrive in Bacolod Saturday and he'll meet me and my friend there the following day. How we managed to get to Bacolod City in a tight budget was interestingly satisfying.

From our office in Shaw, we took an MRT and dropped off at Taft Avenue Station. I headed towards the shuttle going to NAIA Terminal 3 that is just located near the MRT. The landmark is at McDonalds where a small pathway is seen that leads to the bus terminal. A shuttle leaves every 30 minutes and fare is only P20.

We arrived in the airport just right on time, waited for boarding and landed in Bacolod-Silay City International airport safely.....

Day 1. October 5, 2013 (Saturday). It was 6pm when the plane landed in Bacolod-Silay International Airport. There are shuttles (vans) that can bring passengers to their hotels (door to door) for P150. Cabs are also available. I followed the instructions from a blog I read online and so we walked towards the airport's gate, passing through the shuttles and parking lot (which is just short, by the way) and then found tricycles waiting outside the gate.

We asked how we can reach Bacolod City, the driver said he'll bring us to the highway and from there we can take a bus or jeep going to Bacolod City. Tricycle fare is P60.

The tricycle dropped us off the highway, crossed the road, then hopped on a Jeepney and paid P13 for a ride to Bacolod City. The jeepney stopped at a North Terminal. We took another jeepney going to Central Market, where Ongbun Pension House is located and paid P8.

Ongbun Pension House is located in the Central Market. We chose this for our short stay in Dumaguete and paid P530 for an airconditioned room that's good for two.

It was already 8pm when we stepped into our room in Ongbun. We were already hungry and authentic Bacolod Inasal was the first thing that came to mind. We tried chicken inasal that night and dozed off to sleep... We need to save our energy for our next day trip to Guimaras.

~ ~ ~

Day 2. October 6, 2013 (Sunday).We started our second day early. My friend and I found ourselves eating Batchoy for breakfast, which is just across the street from Ongbun. The last time we were in Iloilo last January 2013, we weren't able to try Batchoy in Deco's. But we did try La Paz Batchoy! I like Deco's batchoy compared to LaPaz'.

After breakfast, we toured around.

An old City Hall. It is now turned into a famous Ukay-Ukay area.

The schedule for the whole month celebration is posted in the plaza.

Then we hopped on a jeepney to take us to their famous City Hall.

We went back to Ongbun Pension House just in time to check out. We'll meet Bee in SM City, then head on to Guimaras Island!

~ ~ ~

Half of our Day 2 was spent travelling to Guimaras Island

Day 3, October 7,2013 was about our Island tour in Guimaras Island.

Check out our Guimaras Island Trip here!

~ ~ ~

Our Island tour in Guimaras Island ended around noon. This gave us enough time to catch our ferry bound for Bacolod at 2:10 PM. We reached Bacolod City and checked in again at Ongbun around 3:30PM. 

We ended our Day 3 by buying pasalubong, eating at Manokan Country and dessert in Calea.

This is my second time to eat in Manokan Country, at Ate Nena's Rose II, and I can say I can't get enough of it. 

The first time we ate here was fun. We dine at Ate Nena's Rose manokan. Outside was a waiter and I asked who's got the most delicious chicken inasal? He said confidently "Sa amin ma'am. Nasa internet kame.." Naks naman si kuya, I like that confidence!

To make an order, you need to choose from the selection of chicken parts displayed at the entrance. Then the waiter brings your chicken inside to cook then you wait.


Everybody must try this especially the MudPie!!


Day 4, October 8. We spent our Day 4 by going to Pala Pala in the morning. We heard that this place is famous for their sea foods. We changed our minds when we got there. We decided to eat at Manokan County (my 3rd time!) and then dessert in Calea!

We didn't get to witness the Masskara Festival but I'm sure it's going to be so much fun! We bid goodbye to Bacolod City with a smile in our tummies! We gained a few pounds definitely but no regrets! I'm gonna miss Calea and chicken inasal!

Half of our Day 4 was about a tour in our Heritage Houses in Silay City.

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