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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baguio Trip Day 2 : Botanical Garden-Wright Park-The Mansion-Good Shepherd-Butterfly Sanctuary

Botanical Garden.

Natives are outside the entrance waiting for those who are interested in taking pictures with them. What my parents wanted really was to take picture against the wall but these natives started to join them. When Papa gave them a tip, para silang nag-aaway sa tip. Next time, only request for a pair para walang gulo.

with the natives saying "Peace"

Wright Park.

We just walked from Botanical Garden to Wright Park kasi that's what I learned from the blogs I read. So go naman kami. Well, walking distance naman talaga siya and it's a good excercise na din kasi pataas ang daan. But if you don't like to walk, you ride a jeepney or a cab.

Wright Park is where the horses are. For P250, you can rent a horse for an hour. If you just like to take pictures with a horse, that's also available for P5 or P10 per shot.

The Mansion.

There are stairs in Wright park that will lead you to The Mansion. Mataas taas din siya, infairness. When I saw it, I was like "eto na naman?!" I thought hindi na ata kaya ng powers ko umakyat ulit dahil kakakaakyat ko lang kahapon. Magto-tone na naman ang mga hita ko.But oh well, my curiousity overpowered my physical me. So me and hubby went up.

Good Shepherd.

Good Shepherd is known for their products. From what I've learned, these products are made by nuns and part of the sale goes to the charities they are sponsors with. I was hoping to see just a single nun.. But no!

We went back to our hotel for lunch and unloaded the pasalubong and souvenirs we purchased mostly in Botanical Garden. After taking a short rest, we continued our tour after lunch.

Butterfly Sanctuary.

Entrance fee = 50

Sadly, it was raining when we got there. We were the only ones inside this sanctuary so we had a nice talk with the lady who accommodated us. We didn't see butterflies flying cause as what the lady told us, butterflies only fly when it's warm, but if it is cold, they are still. I was anticipating taking pictures with butterflies flying in the background pa naman. But anyway, that's fine.

End of the Tour

We would really want to go to the Philippine Military and CJH but the rain wouldn't stop that afternoon. We decided it's better go back to our hotel and stayed there.

That night, hubby and I went to 50's Diner as recommended by others. We had to wait to be seated as the place was full. I enjoyed eating in this place, there are wall posters so 40's-50's-60's. There's a vintage car outside available for those who like to take pictures. I love the food I ordered, fries, fried chicken, pizza, pasta and strawberry shake!!

I really wanted to check session road at night but since it was raining, after eating, we just went back to the hotel.

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