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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dinner Buffet Cruise with the Prestige Cruise Ship

When I saw this deal in Metrodeal, natuwa ako. The deal shows 250 instead of P454 for Delicious Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise with the Prestige Cruise Ship. Mas lalo akong natuwa when I saw the pictures - the sunset, wines, food, they all looked enticing and so romantic. I thought this experience would be perfect for me and hubby. In addition, 41486 vouchers were sold so I thought "wow, siguro nga napakaganda dito dahil ang daming bumili!"


I purchased the voucher July and planned to use it on August. I called their number for reservation, unfortunately, all weekend slots were fully booked until September. For me, that's understandable, sa dami ba naman ng bumili, definitely puno ang slots. I settled for November 20 (Thursday) at 6PM, just in time to see the sunset. Madali naman silang kausap and nagpa-reschedule pa nga ako ng date once ng walang ka-hassle hassle.

Bad Reviews

I read from a forum I regularly visit tons of negative feedback about this deal. Someone even blogged and it gave a clear picture of a very unsatisfactory experience. Grabe, there were too many different reactions but I shrugged them off thinking na baka mas okay na ang service dahil november na and our schedule falls on a weekday.

The day

I was really looking forward to this dinner cruise. After almost 4 months of waiting, at last, here comes THE DAY.

The Port

The voucher says the port is in MOA between One Esplanade and Oceanview. 

The fine print

  • Redemption period: July 27, 2011 until Jan. 27, 2012
  • Valid every day, at both departure times (6pm and 8pm)
  • Please call for reservations with your MetroDeal voucher: (02) 832.8967, (0917) 525.5455, (0927) 555.5502 or email
  • Departs from Mall of Asia Jetty Terminal
  • Price is Net (includes service charge and VAT)
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want

Prestige Cruises, Inc.

Mall of Asia Complex Jetty Terminal, Seaside Blvd., Pasay City (vicinity of One Esplanade and San Miguel by the Bay)

(02) 832.8967, (0917) 525.5455, (0927) 555.5502

Mall of Asia is just 20 minutes away from us and because we live in Makati very convenient siya para sa amin. We left at 5 PM but when we got to the terminal, wala ni isang ship at walang tao!!!

We contacted their numbers and all were busy. Finally, after numerous attempts, I got a hold of a guy. He informed me that the dock is now near CCP and they changed the location 4 months ago. I was never informed though the guy claimed they sent text messages to all customers about the change. It got me real mad and then nag fa-flashback lahat ng negative feedback na nabasa ko about them. So to make the story short, we hired another cab to go to CCP.

Unfortunately, this cab driver wasn't familiar with the place. He dropped us off the Harbour Square only to find out the port is on the other side. I was near quitting because we only had 10 minutes until 6PM and worried na baka maiwanan kami ng ship at ma-forfeit ang mga vouchers namin. We walked another 500 meters as fast as we could and luckily we reached the terminal just in time. We registered our names and hopped on the ship.

The ship

When we hopped aboard, I felt disappointed because it was nowhere near the picture I saw on the deal. Naalala ko pa nga ang Ro-Ro na sinakyan namin last month when we went to Camiguin because they looked the same, the only difference with this one is that may kainan. 

There was another ship right beside us by Suncruise. I can tell from afar na mas maganda ang setting nila from tables & chairs to waiters. I remembered their deal in other site for only P180. I felt like para kaming kawawa.

And so, we sailed for an hour going to Mall of Asia's direction and then sailed back to the terminal after an hour.

The food

This is how their food looks like on the deal. Yummy right?!! Read their description.

MetroDeal gourmands can treat their stomachs to this culinary delight during the ship's cruise time of 1 hour and 15 minutes, departing everyday at 6pm and 8pm. So while you enjoy exquisite dishes such as the mouthwatering Pot Roast, the delicious Pollo Antonio or various heavenly cake selections as desert among others, you'll experience a fascinating ambience that will also guarantee you a visual feast, while the cruise ship, which has space for up to 200 people, settles gently into the Manila Bay. Don't miss out on this unique MetroDeal and save wonderful 54%.

And this is how it actually looked, way different from what they posted.

You can go back and take their "Eat All You Can" meal but ONLY if there are food left. Once the container is empty, then that's the end of it.

I also remembered a feedback about the additional softdrinks. This waitress would ask what we want for the drinks but she won't tell you it's not included in the buffet, so you thought its free. After eating your meal, she'd come back and tell you the in-can softdrink costs P70. Grabe, almost doble ang patong nila sa presyo. This happened to a lady at the back who was very surprised and heard her saying "akala ko kasama na siya sa meal".

The Experience

My expectations based on what Prestige Cruises Inc. presented on their ad were not met. I felt that they tricked us with colorful pictures and promising descriptions. Just because this is a deal (discounted rate) doesn't mean we are doomed to a disappointing experience. It shouldn't be the case, they should deliver what they promised. Had it been they advertised this deal correctly, we could have set our expectations accordingly.

I will not try this again ever nor recommend this to friends.