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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Binondo Food Trip Part II

On our first Binondo Food trip which you can find here, we weren't able to experience Fried Frog and Soup  #5. I thought Binondo Food trip is not complete without these so I had to go back.

Fried Garlic Frog Legs

This can be found beside Ongpin's Estero. The first thing I noticed when I went inside was the smell and the place, looks like an ordinary carinderia's lined up beside estero. The place isn't clean either. But good thing they have airconditioned resto's if you opt for a more pleasant ambiance. Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there because it was still too early.

we didn't notice this place the first time we went to Ongpin. 

We tried fried frogs, small order = 4 pcs of frogs. Medium has 6 pcs and Large order has 8 pcs of frogs.
menu. it's pretty expensive for a frog. hehe.

Meats are displayed openly, then waitress picks pieces of whatever food you order to cook. We were told that during rainy reason, walang delivery ng frogs. We were also told that these frogs are delivered from Nueva Ecija and that these are not cultured, hinuli sila sa bundok.

this is it! Fried Garlic Frog Legs
me and hubby

I only tasted 2 pieces of frog legs. Though this is not the first time I tasted frogs, my first bite was still a challenge. I was trying to fool myself na it's a chicken. Haha. We weren't satisfied with the food. Mas masarap pa ang adobong frog na natikman ko before but I guess what's great was the experience of eating in estero.

Soup # 5

We went to Cafe Mezzanine to try Soup #5. Cafe Mezzanine is The Fireman's Coffee Shop where all the revenue is donated to Binondo Paco Fire Search and Rescue Brigade.  This cafe can be found at the top of EngBeeTin. First thing I noticed habang paakyat is the Smile Zone. Smile Lagi!!

Smile Lagi
purple firetruck standing bye in front of Cafe Mezzanine

When we came in, a bell rang by the door and we were greeted enthusiastically. I love the cafe, it's ambiance and the service. We tried their Chabihon (cha means gisado), Rocky Road Coffee and Soup #5.

steaming hot Soup #5

The pancit and iced coffee were great! Sadly, the Soup #5 only has beef pata and not beef's private churva. I was excited pa naman to taste it. Well, it kinda defeated it's purpose kaya medyo na disappoint ako.  I didn't like the taste either, kasi it tasted like Beef Pares na nilagyan lang ng madaming soup. Hindi namin ito naubos ni hubby. :(

Binondo Church

It was raining that day and since Cafe Mezzanine is just near Binondo Church, we decided to drop by and say our thanks and prayers. I was in awe when I stepped inside. The church is beautiful. Luckily, there was a mass so we got to celebrate it. Right after the mass, the rain stopped. We felt like we were at the right place at the right time.

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