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Monday, December 5, 2011

Boracay Bonding with Family Day 4 - Last Minute

We already purchased pasalubong and souvenirs the day before in D'talipapa and D'Mall. Items are way cheaper in D'talipapa. Signatured items are sold in D'Mall. You can buy practically anything here.

d'mall avenue
ferris wheel in d'mall

Also, we were able to witness "gay" firedancers in Station 2. Other restaurants have their own fire dancers pero hindi mo makikita kasi tinakpan nila iyong area. These gay fire dancers we saw were great and funny kaya enjoy!! You can take pictures with them after their show for any amount of tip.

For our last day, we spent our last minute swimming in the beach.

Our flight to Manila via Kalibo was at 2 PM. At 9:30 AM, we checked out. We didn't arrange a transfer, luckily, a guy outside LaCarmela offered a transfer for only P370/pax including boat and van fare plus terminal and environmental fees. We thought the price was cheap so availed it.

We arrived in Kalibo International Airport at 12noon. There are restaurants outside the airport for those who would like eat. We thought of eating lunch but then we decided it would better to just get in as the line for check in was pretty long. We got inside the departure lounge at 1PM.

It's more clear to me why people love going back to this island, with its white powdery sand and pristine water that looks so inviting. Surely I am one of those who definitely go back. As I am writing this, I am missing Boracay already :)

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