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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cebu / Bantayan Island Trip : Day 2 : Getting to Bantayan Island

Going to Bantayan Island is very easy. First, we need to go to Cebu North Bus Terminal, then take a bus to Hagnaya port, then take a roro boat to Sta. Fe. Piece of cake, right? :)

We checked out from Sampaguita Suites at 8:30AM and instructed the cab driver to drop us off at North Cebu Terminal. From there, are airconditioned and non-airconditioned buses plying for Hagnaya. Fare: P132 (non-aircon). Travel time: 3 hours.

Upon reaching Hagnaya, we went straight to the port and bought tickets for Roro boat. Roro boats departs every hour and departure time is displayed on the window. Before purchasing tickets, registering of names is a must.

ETD is 12:30PM. Bee and I were already hungry. Time check: 12:10PM. We still have 20 minutes to fill our ravenous stomach in a carinderia located just beside the ticketing office.

Note that there's no fast food or restaurant here.

After our lunch, we paid a terminal fee upon entering the port's waiting area. Then few minutes later, we were called to board. Fare: P160. Travel time: 1 hour

While hubby and I were waiting for our turn to get off the boat, stood beside us and asked if we already have an accommodation. He continued on by offering tours, tours, accommodations, transportation.. blah blah blah.. It started to annoyed me so I completely ignored him. Since he's not getting any response from me, he became silent and just stood there next to me.. When I glanced at him, he was staring at the sea. I wondered what he was thinking.. Probably he's thinking since we didn't look interested at his offers, he lost a chance of getting profit. I broke his silence and told him we are heading to Sugar Beach Resort. He followed us til we left the boat. He said he can take us to the resort. You see, there are tons of pedicabs and tricycles waiting at the port. Another man offered to take us to Sugar Beach with his tricycle for P40. Now this man who kept following us since we landed in the Island offered P30. Of course, we took the cheaper one. I thought we'd be riding a tricycle, but we found out we'll ride on a pedicab. That gave me a reason why his is cheaper..

Welcome to Santa Fe!
His name is Kuya Toto. We talked to him while he pedal his sidecar on the way to the resort. It's obviously less tiring had it been he's driving a tricycle instead of pedicab, and faster too. Most people prefers a tricycle over a pedicab for obvious reasons. We found out he's a nice guy and very courteous. After seeing so much of sweat on his face for hauling us to the resort, we gave him a tip.

We rented a motorbike from him for only P250 compared to the usual fee of P350. He also helped us find a boat for P600 to visit Paradise Beach. I was hoping he could bring us back to the port when we leave, however our resort has a free transfer service.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach Resort
When we got to Sugar Beach Resort, I was sooooo happy! I like that they have long and clean shoreline and coconuts are everywhere! Perfect for camping! The caretaker was nice, he suggested where we could pitch our tent. We left our bags with them whenever we go out of the resort. We paid P200 for the space and P70 for the entrance fee for 2 persons.

When the motorbike was handed to us, Bee and I didn't waste time. We put gas in it and off to tour the island!
First, we need to gas up. Rented motorbikes don't come with gas at all. 

Then we headed towards Bantayan Proper. Bantayan proper is about 15-20 minutes ride, well atleast for Bee who drives real crazy!

Bicycles can also be rented for a cheaper rate. But it's tiring. I'd rather sit at the back while Bee drives the motorbike :)

We enjoyed cruising the road... The fresh air and endless road made it so much fun!

Before heading back to Sugar Beach, we had dinner at The Blue located at Sta. Fe town Proper.

interesting chess pieces. especially the Queen!

After dinner, we went back to Sugar Beach and looked for a perfect spot to pitch our tent. We didn't forget to purchase drinks and snacks from the market to celebrate the eve of my birthday. Yes, the next day was my birthday and it was my first time to be out of town on my special day. But what could be more special than spending my day on a beautiful island?!!

I suddenly remembered our kid back home, it could have been best if Alviss was with us. But then again, we wouldn't be having this much fun if we'd be constantly watching over a super kulit and super likot 4 year old kid!! It's not that we don't get fun with him (defensive mode activate!), it's just that it's different if it's just me and Bee.. you know what I mean... :P

Ok enough of being defensive.. I was hoping to lie down the beach and stare at the stars that night but it drizzled. I wouldn't say it was an unfortunate event, I'd like to think it was a blessing. Bee got really worried because of our tent. He didn't want me sleeping on a wet sand more so water getting inside the tent. I told him, the drizzle will stop at midnight and yeah was I right!! Hah-hah!

Oh how we loved our first day in this island - the beach, camping and motorbike experience!!

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