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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cebu / Bantayan Island Trip : Day 4 : Going Home

It was our last day in Bantayan Island and in a short while, we will be going home.

As we packed our stuff, Bee and I felt only content. We were happy with the our stay in Bantayan and if we were given a chance, we'd love to stay for few more days (maybe three more) and do what I have just learned--the art of doing nothing. Of course, there's motorbiking and feel of the wind breeze. Or maybe bicycling for an exercise.

Unfortunately, we only had limited time and budget. I was also beginning to miss our kid. Overall, it was a fantastic trip!

We were fetch by a van at 11am courtesy of Ogtong Cave Beach Resort as part of their service. We could have left later but then we still need to meet my cousin in Lapu-lapu City. We board the ferry back to Hagnaya and sailed for an hour.

As we bid goodbye, I began to understand why Bantayan is one of the top beaches in the Philippines. I won't ever forget the view of the sea and its horizon.

Cebu is a very interesting place. There's so much to see and do. Hopefully I'd be able to visit all of them.

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