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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Butuan-Surigao Del Sur-Surigao Del Norte-Butuan : Day 1 - Britania Group of Islands

January 8, 2014
Day 1

A reservation was made for island hopping from La Entrada Resort prior to coming. We started at 4pm. It was already late but had to push this through, after all this island hopping is the only purpose why we visited this place. 

We were led to the drop off.

Britania consists of 24 islets, five of which have white powdery sands. Among the five islets, one is privately owned. And so only four islets can be visited without a fee. Overnight staying is not allowed, the guide said. 

I tell you, these islets are worth seeing. We were only able to see three islands. I was surprised and thrilled by their powdery white sand and pristine water.

Hagonoy Island
Boslon Island

There is another one called Naked Island. This is their own version of a sandbar.We didn't visit this one because the tides were strong on this part. 

After seeing several islands in this country, I thought I've already seen the best and that nothing can strike me anymore. Well, I was wrong... Our tour lasted for only an hour. We wanted to stay longer but it was already getting dark. Well, just seeing these islands are more than enough. 

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