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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tagaytay Road Trip

We decided to take a day trip to Tagaytay because it's near and the weather is just perfect. I have been there twice but we only visited Picnic Grove and Palace in the Sky. This time I wanna visit other places, see Pink Sisters and try their special Bulalo.

We left Makati at 9 AM, good thing traffic was moderate in SLEX that Friday.We exited at Sta. Rosa/Silang Tagaytay and paid P175 for the toll fee.

Picnic Grove

Entrance Fee: 50

We arrived in  Picnic Grove at 10:30AM where we decided to eat our packed lunch. The first thing we noticed when we arrived is the weather, it wasn't as cold as I have expected it to be just like in Baguio.

We checked out the zipline, 200 pesos per person for 1 way and 300 pesos per person for 2 way. Additional P50 for 1 shot of souvenir picture and 100 pesos for a mug with your picture. My brother tried one way and in less than 30 seconds, he reached the other point.

As for me, I just watched my brother with content. I like my first zipline experience to be in Cagayan De Oro.:)

Pink Sisters

At 1PM, we left Picnic Grove and headed towards Pink Sisters. This place strictly imposes silence as signs are everywhere. What interests me is that you can write a prayer petition and a pink sister will pray for it. Yes,... I saw a Pink Sister at the altar praying!!! Their Gift Shop sells bracelets, rings, necklaces, prayer booklets, etc. that are made by the Sisters and are already blessed with holy water. We bought their famous cookies for 170pesos.

Sonya's Garden

This place is a haven for those who wants a massage. They created a zen-like environment which makes the place so relaxing. We bought breads, cheese hopia, chocolate crinkles and tahong chips.

Sonya's is very explicit in saying that the place is not a park. 

me and hubby playing around

After Sonya's, we're supposed to visit Caleruega church but we didn't push through when we found out there is 30 pesos entrance fee. Instead, what we did was took pictures near the cliff where we enjoyed the most. And i think it was the highlight of our visit.


Leslie's Bulalohan

One of the must try in Tagaytay. There are more restaurants to choose from aside from Leslie's but we chose this one because it is highly recommended for their Bulalo. While waiting for the order, we took pictures overlooking the taal lake.

After our dinner, we left Leslie's at around 6PM. The traffic was heavy and we reached Makati at 8PM.

Definitely, I'll go back to Tagaytay to try trekking to Taal Volcano, Bag of Beans, Caluerega, Starbucks and what else?? ....  I still have to think of other places I would like to visit but surely, it was a fun day experience with our family.