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Monday, March 5, 2012

Puerto Princesa City: Day 1 - City Tour

First of all, thanks to Airphil's Piso fare last year, I was able to book 2 round trip tickets for only P1200 and made one of our dreams come true, that is to visit Palawan. Parang commercial lang! :)

I was torn whether or not to DIY this trip. I would like to budget our trip as much as possible and besides, after reading some blogs who made DIY happen, it seems to be very do-able for first timers. However, according to my sissies in GirlTalk (a forum I'm a member of), since it would just be hubby & me, it would be best to avail a package. After some serious thoughts, we followed the latter.

The Plan:
Day 1:
1:10 PM - Arrival in Puerto Princesa Airport
2PM - city tour

Day 2:
Whole Day - Underground River Tour

Day 3:
8:00 AM - check out
9:20 AM- etd puerto princesa

Because of our limited time, we could only choose one tour for our second day. Obviously, we gotta choose the PPUR. Honda bay will be done next time.

Accommodation/Tour Package:

P4800 for 2 pax
3d/2n accomodation @ Audissie Pension (double bed, a/c, private t&b)
round trip transfer
free set breakfast for 2
free wifi
underground river tour (incl tour guide, permits, buffet lunch)

Off To Puerto Princesa

We boarded the plane on time but we took off 30 minutes late because of the traffic for take off. It was my first time to ride in AirPhil & I can say Airphil has the smoothest take off and landing.

We arrived at 2 PM. van was waiting outside the airport to pick us up. It took us around a 15 minute drive going to Audissie Pension. the minute we arrived in our hostel, we asked if they could arrange a tricycle for our city tour. The manager quickly called a tricycle service, their affiliate and also a tourism certified. 

We just placed our bag in our room then checked the time. 2:30 PM. we gotta get moving, no time should be wasted. Most of the city tour's spots are located in the southern part of puerto princesa. Roads are rough and dusty unlike the road going to the Northern part Where honda bay and underground river are located.

Crocodile Farm.

It took us around 45 minutes to reach Crocodile Farm. This is because this is the fartherst and second, our tric driver was kind of slow. 

Crocodile farm is open whole day from Mondays-Saturdays. Half day for Sundays (afternoon only).  Ticket: P40 each including a short educational tour.

We were first brought to Rio, the 2nd longest saltwater crocodile captured in Palawan, that said to have eaten a fisherman.

Then we were brought to a shed where they rear baby crocodiles. Upto 5-6 years old. Baby crocodiles' skin are used for leather wallets, bags, etc. There are 2 types of crocs, freshwater and saltwater crocodile. saltwater crocs are bigger in size and darker in color.

Once they mature, they are brought to bigger pens.

There are varieties of animals that can be seen in Crocodile farm.

Palawan Hornbill. These birds have a special body part atop their bill called a casque, believed that this structure acts as a vibrating chamber to make the hornbill's voice louder.
Binturong or Bearcat

White Eagle
We took pictures of Binturong for a donation.

Picture taking with this saltwater crocodile for P30 per person.

Crocodile sisig is recommended. Our tric driver said this a form of aphrodisiac. Crocodile tapa, tocino and sausage are available.

Mitra's Ranch.

There's really nothing much to be seen here. Oh, there's a zipline for P250, 2 way. 

Baker's Hill.

Perfect for photo ops. 

They sell delicious hopia. Ube Hopia is my top pick.

Tiangge Tiangge.

What I like about this place is they proactively offer discounts. The cashier would say "this item is 90 pesos.. discount is 5 pesos.. so this now is for only 85 pesos". unlike in other stores, you'd need to haggle.

I could have purchased some pearls. But because the place were getting crowded, I just skipped the idea. Besides I was already tired to even check out other items. Not only they sell souvenir items, they also sell dried goods.

After our Tiangge Tiangge, our next stop was supposed to be in Baywalk. We changed plan. We skipped Baywalk (we can visit it ourselves since Audissie is just near), and headed towards Cathedral to attend the mass to thank God for the experience. When we got there, we realized hubby was wearing shorts, so we just prayed outside and then left. Beside the Church is Plaza Cuartel we weren't able to view.

After the church, we ate dinner at Kinabuch's Grill & Bar. One of the coolest bar and resto's. Located near the airport.

Then after that, we headed back to Audissie.