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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Corregidor Island: Night Lateral + Sunset Viewing + Sunrise Viewing + Japanese Tunnel Short Hike


Corregidor Inn offers different activities to try and these are shown during guests' check-in. Just tell the receptionist what activities you'd like to do.

For the Night later tour, everybody must be in front of the hotel on or before 4:30 PM. The group leaves exactly at the scheduled time.

The first place we visited was the Fort Mill Hospital.

Fort Mills Hospital ruins.
Was it eerie? No. Thank goodness I don't have a gift for supernatural things. Anyway, this is not a ghost hunting trip, alright. And Kuya Bryan made the tour light by cracking some jokes. We visited all the floors, from first to the third. We were introduced to some of the parts of the hospitals like the comfort rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and morgue.

It's cool to know that this building is more than a hundred years old and still standing.

part of the hospital ruin. where the morgue is
Next stop is the sunset viewing. Unfortunately, it was a bit raining, so no sunset appeared that night. So we headed onto Malinta Tunnel.

Malinta Tunnel is the highlight of the tour. Before we began, we were given heads up on what to expect inside, the humidity, safety etc. Expected duration is 1.5 Hours.

We were given flashlights and a helmet because obviously it's dark inside and some tunnels we are about to pass have low ceilings, so the helmet.

I don't know how to describe this tour other than very very veerrrrry INTERESTING. We pretty much passed through all the possible tunnels we can pass.

It also made me realize how strategic and self sufficient this tunnel is. Imagine having its own lights (Solar), drainage system, ventilation system.

Sooo, that's it for the Night Lateral Tour. It was exciting knowing we'd be inside a tunnel where thousands of Japanese soldiers died of mass suicide. Yes, the second siege by the American soldiers forced the trapped Japanese soldiers to instead of surrender, commit suicide by detonating explosives.


This is the continuation of the Night Lateral Tour done on the second day. This is a bit more adventurous. Will try to pump your heart a little. And that's why, this is perfect to be done early in the morning.

Our meeting place was again at the front of the hotel for those who would like to join this tour. For those who don't, then that is fine. Our Tranvia was already there waiting and we left at exactly 5:15AM.

There were fewer us this time. Probably some got tired by the jam-packed tour the other day. Also, it was a bit raining. Who wouldn't like to sleep through it?

Unfortunately, no sunrise for us because of the bad weather. We then proceeded onto the short hike to the Japanese tunnel.

heading onto the Japanese tunnel

way to the Japanese tunnel

The trail is pretty slippery, so we hold onto a rope built to assist the guests so we won't slip.

At the end of the trail is a ruined house. Next to it is a small tunnel. After the invasion of Japanese, they built 80 more tunnels and this is one of them.

This tunnel is just short. And because it rained the whole day yesterday, the tunnel is ankle-deep flooded. Those who were wearing shoes had to barefoot. I did and it felt strange hoping there weren't any snakes or living creature crawling underneath.

water in the tunnel
So, here's the adventure part. At the end of the tunnel, we had to climb up a steep slope. Each step is high that we need to really push ourselves up. We held onto the rope to keep us from slipping.

It didn't end there. At the top of the slope is a 90 degrees ladder.

Then, we passed this hole for our way out.

And that's it! It was heart-pumping, yeah. But not really extreme. Surely a perfect workout to jump start our day.

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