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Monday, September 5, 2016

Corregidor Island: Corregidor Inn


After the tour, we were dropped off at the Corregidor Inn, located at the middle part of the island. It is a bit old, probably the reason why it is set to do a "major renovation".

We presented the receipts we received from Travel Mart to the this very friendly receptionist. We signed the Registration Card, given some orientation about facilities, restaurant, check out time, tours. Then finally, we received our room keys.

One of my friends would like to do overnight camping because he was told he can when we purchased the voucher from the Phil Travel Mart. We were told it's only Php200 camping fee exclusive of tent and breakfast. So my friend brought his tent. Unfortunately, due to nonstop rain the previous days, camping is closed. In the end, he stayed in our room and paid Php750 for extra bed and plated breakfast.

To make our stay relaxful, there are no Television in all the rooms. It is only available in the "living room" of the hotel. A very good idea forcing the guests to enjoy the island.

nope. not a complimentary coffee. brewed coffee costs Php45


Our room is good. It is clean. The space is enough for two. But since we had an extra person, it became small. Extra bed was placed on the floor near the air condition. Linens and bedding are comfortable enough. I had a good night sleep that night, probably because I was too tired and lacked sleep. We asked for an extra pillow each and was gladly given and that's cool.

Restaurant menu on the bedside table. Old magazine.
nice drawer. see the phone at the corner, above the trash bin? hehe
Bathroom has hot and cold water although it was a bit difficult to control the temperature. Toiletries includes soap and shampoo. That's it. It takes time for the flush to work.

For a discounted price of Php1,500, there's nothing more I could ask for.

Dinner at La Playa Restaurant

This is where we had our dinner (because there was no other choice). Unfortunately, their menu is pretty limited and pricey too! The price I understand as this is an Island. They had to ship all things here.

We wanted to drink a few alcohol that night but the only available drink in the restaurant is San Mig Light. We went to a store outside, one block away from Inn. It was creepy walking along the streets of Corregidor with only few light posts. Since this is a government owned Island, no one is allowed to reside here except the staff. We were able buy few bottles of, well, San Mig Light outside but for a lesser price.

I slept soundly that night. My friends in the other room was so scared that they let the lights on and sounds on the entire night thinking there might be some ghosts or something to appear somewhere. But, yes my friend has a ghost story to tell about what he saw in our room.

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