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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Majayjay, Laguna: Costales Nature Farms

I was in a Travel Mart in SMX, MOA this September 2016 when I bumped into Costales Nature Farm booth. With photos of their farm and lettuce as their backdrop, I got curious. I approached the lady there and asked what's in the place? I was told about their different packages and one of which is their Bed and Breakfast package. She said, this includes overnight accommodation in a bahay kubo (nipa hut) in the middle of the farm, with no television, no radio, no airconditioning, no WIFI. Package also includes guided farm tour, video presentation and unlimited vegetable snacks with drinks.

I am most interested in the farm tour. Seeing photos of their guests planting, feeding chickens, rabbits and pigs.. I got really really excited!!! Added to that is that my mom loves planting and so I thought, this could be our perfect family weekend relaxation getaway!

Booking process was easy. I used my credit card and got charged right there and then. I was able to choose the date of travel, which is just two weeks away. I picked the villa for our overnight accommodation with capacity good for 10 persons for a 30% discounted price of Php 5,572.00 (from original price of Php 7,960.00)

I was given this nice straw woven folder to keep my voucher, receipts, fliers and packages

Not only they offer Bed and Breakfast packages, Costales Nature Farms also offers Seminars and Workshops, Farm Tourism Packages, Lakbay Aral Tour, etc. You may check their website here.

How we reached Costales Nature Farms?

Very easy. Via a private vehicle, we used Waze to guide our way. We passed through SLEX, exited at Calamba, passed through Calauan, Nagcarlan - Rizal Rd, Liliw, and Majayjay.

By the way, we did a short side trip to Taytay Falls, also known as Majayjay Falls, in the morning before going to Costales. You can find my story here.

Costales Nature Farms is very easy to spot as you will see signage along the highway.

It is already 12noon when we arrived. There was a little bit of rain. I presented our voucher and receipt at the receptionist and gave Php200 deposit.

Welcome signs. At the left side is the reception area. At the right side is a newly built restaurant. Pathwalk beside the signage at the center leads to the farm and kubo's (huts)
Reception area. It has photos of celebrities who have visited this place. Just right beside the reception area is their shop
Shop. You want to buy some lettuce, eggs, water, processed meat like longganisa, tocino and a lot more? Do it here.

I was told of what to expect with our Bed and Breakfast package. Farm tour must be settled here as to what time we could start. A guide will assist us throughout the tour.

I was also told our check in time is around 5PM. In my mind, I was like... what???? I don't think this was explained in Travelmart. But then, they were quick to add that since we were already present and a bit raining, they'd let us check in now. Well, that was a relief!

The accommodation area is located at the back of the farm. It was a bit of a walk, I must say, in a good way. We passed through fish pods, rows of plants mostly lettuce, nipa hut for dining. There's also a good view of Mt Banahaw.

Mount Banahaw background

Accommodation area at the back of the farm
There's our Villa! It's the last one.
My dad and neice hanging out

Double bed room
bathroom with hot and cold shower 
extra beds located at the attic
very comfy bed and blanket. Super soft and warm especially during the night.
There really is no need for air conditioning. It's really cold at night. 
view of the farm from the front window attic. back window attic has a view of Mt Banahaw.

I am satisfied with our temporary "home". If I have a farm of my home, I'd like it to be like this, surrounded by plants. Oh by the way, there is no smoking in the farm. You gotta do it in the parking area. Bringing in food is not allowed since they have their own restaurant. Just ask any staff if you have anything else you need.

We had our lunch here. During our check in, the receptionist took our order since it would take time because they'd still cook the food. We settled in our room and waited until a staff knocked, meaning food is ready and time to eat!!!

We were brought to a nice hut where our boodle is already waiting.

Generous serving and tastes good too! I enjoyed the salad!

After our gastronomic lunch, we went back to our villa and sleep. Of course, what's the best thing to do when you're full?!

Around 4PM, we got a knock from our tour guide. Though it was drizzling, we decided to push through with the tour.

We were brought to seedling area, seedling nursery, fertilizer, poultry area and a lot more, where the guide gave information about each. Overall, the tour was very educational. No wonder, some schools do field trips here. They also offer seminars too for would-be farmers. Just check out their website.

baby rabbits

Obviously, photos are not enough to describe to place nor experience. The tour lasted for an hour. After the tour, ordered food for dinner and went back to our room to rest. We waited until we were told food is ready.

set table for dinner

We had a good night sleep that night at the attic. It was so cold, thank goodness our nice soft blanket made us warm.

our free happy tummy set breakfast meal
After our breakfast, we walked around the farm again and went to as far as we could. Definitely, this trip is an eye opener for me. I'd love to grow my own plants at home. Actually, I am starting now with Basil. I just planted seeds 5 days ago and hopefully and can't wait for it to grow.

We brought lettuce and japanese cucumber from their shop. Also some pork tocino and longganisa. Both tastes really good.

This place is such a retreat. A home away from home. Highly recommended!

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