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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CORON, Palawan: Coron Island Tour + Maquinit Hotspring

8AM was the time given to us by CoronGaleri. We must be in their office to join with other groups. In their office, we filled up forms and waivers and paid tour fee in advance. For Coron Island Tour (B1), we paid P650 each.There are snorkeling masks and fins for rent for P100 each. Waterproof cases for digital cameras are also available for rent. At 8:30AM, we were fetched by our boatman and led us to our boat. At 9AM, we started our tour.


Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake's jump off. Waiting area for boats.

We climbed up 150 steps.

Upon reaching the last steps, we were guided to this area where we could take photos of this famous view.

Then we descend to the other side, with another 150 steps down, where the famous lake is located.

Water is brackish. Clear water.

Before it got too crowded, we left Kayangan lake.

Twin Peaks.

Our second stop was supposedly Twin Peaks. Twin peaks are just two rocks in the middle of the sea. Supposedly, people can snorkel, however, our tourguide said there’s not much of corals here so we skipped Twin Peaks.

Twin Lagoon.

We had to climb the ladder to reach the lagoon. During low tide, there is a small hole underneath the ladder people can swim through to get to the lagoon.

The dark water in lagoon is also brackish but it has more salt content compared to Kayangan Lake. The upper layer of water is cold but underneath it is warm, which makes this place interesting.

Atwayan Beach.

Before reaching the Atwayan beach, we passed by other beaches like Banol beach, Smith’s Beach, 911 beach. These are just short beaches with white sand, just like Atwayan beach. This is where we had our lunch.

Our free lunch. Bitin kami sa tig-isang cup of rice! Walang extra!!!   :(

Coral Garden.

This is where we spent most of our time. I saw different types of coral reefs and fish. I don’t know, I guess I couldn’t describe exactly what I felt while snorkeling. I was amazed.

Once we had enough of snorkeling, I was so exhausted that our tourguide had to drag me along the water onto the boat. I never felt so consumed swimming in my life

CYC Island.

There is no entrance fee in this island. The water is shallow. People can pitch tent and stay overnight.


After our tour, we went straight to Maquinit Hotspring without changing our wet clothes anymore. We contacted a driver who and haggled down to a rate of P350 for 4 persons. He fetched us from our Pension house and brought us to Maquinit Hotspring. P300 is the normal rate for Maquinit, maximum of three persons. Kuya explained that he only allows upto 4 persons kapag hindi heavy ang mga pasahero.

Maquinit Hotspring.

Entrance Fee: P150
Travel time: approximately 30 minutes

The road to Maquinit is not yet cemented, thus our tricycle had to battle the rough ride. I now understand why they only let 3 persons.

The entrance fee is pretty expensive. P150?!!!! I remember our trip in Camiguin wherein one of the spots we visited was the Ardent Hotspring. which entrance fee is only P30.

There's an open sea beyond that bridge.

The water was really really hot. I think around 39 to 40 degree celcius. The first dip was very challenging I had to slooowwwly do it. It was a perfect place to relax after a long tiring day of swimming and snorkeling.

Our tricycle driver waited for us outside then drove us off back to town. 

We had dinner in Lolo Nonoy’s, resto along the highway. Food we ordered are delicious. Highly recommended.

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