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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CORON, Palawan : Coron Town

After a quick rest in Coron Reef Pension, we walked towards CoronGaleri where we availed our tours. We asked people for directions and didn't have problems locating it.

CoronGaleri is one of those that offers the cheapest packages. I didn't make any reservations prior because based from what I read, CoronGaleri advises to just go to their office to make reservations right there and then.

We booked two tours, Coron Island Tour and Malcapuya Tour. We were advised to be at their office at 8AM on the day of the tour. 

After going to CoronGaleri, we visited Coron's Harbour Center. The building you see in the image below is their Tourism Center. Beside the building is the road going to the dry market and the other side is the wet market with the green roof at the middle. The long blue green roof is the "Foodtrip" area where they sell street foods like barbeque, mami, goto, etc... This is open 24 hours.


Coron town is pretty small and so the spots are closely located. We didn't really need a tour package for this just like what other agencies are offering for P650 per person (Including Maquinit Hotspring). But seriously, DIY-ing Maquinit trip is very easy. I'll explain later.

Moving on with our first day, well, it was nearly reaching its end. We decided to eat dinner in Kawayanan Grill, one of the famous resto bar.

Seafood Platter

I forgot the local name of this. But in English, this is a stingray sisig.

Our nipa hut table.

I love the ambiance and the service we got from our waiter. But the food isn't that tasty for its price.

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