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Monday, July 9, 2012

CORON, Palawan : Coron Reef Pension

I really wanted to stay in Princess of Coron because aside from its rave reviews, it has interesting shower cubicle :) However, 2 of my friends wanted a cheap room that would fit us all and then my hubby was neutral about it, needless to say majority won. We ended up reserving a room in Coron Reef Pension for 3 nights.


I emailed Coron Reef asking about the price and availability of the room for our dates. The first response I received was after 3 days (should I be a little grateful? some other pensions and inns didn't respond at all!) and the answer was just a simple, one-liner "1000/night". I couldn't help but feel a little disappointment. I guess I expected, aside from the rates, I'd be given a bit of details of the room as what other accommodations would have done. I patiently waited as the interval of days of their responses continued until we've finally discussed how to transfer funds through bank for our reservation. We were asked 30% of the total amount of stay to be deposited to their BDO account. Since we booked a family room (P1000/night) for 3 days, we deposited P900 in advance.

The Room

When we arrived, we were assisted by a lady who was nice and accommodating, gave us our key and led us to our room. We were given Room A, the type of room that sits on top of water. The room is spacious and it can fit upto 6 persons. Towels are available. Beddings, pillows, blankets are okay. Inside our room are 3 double beds, a table, a chair that has a non-functional electric fan on top and a mirror. The room is airconditioned. Because the walls are built with bamboo, there is a distinct smell. The toilet and bathroom are separated and their space is quite fine. Since our room is on top of water, all our waste (including human) goes straight to the water below. What’s crazy is that every time we flush the toilet, we hear the splash of water underneath. The bathroom has no hot shower, which is just fine by me, however, every time I take a shower, I hear people talking from the other side of the room.

We got the worth of the price we paid. Let's just say if you're too sensitive to environment, room, toilet and bath, I suggest you look for other accommodation. Otherwise, this room is just fine. Just like what they say, you only need a place to sleep since you'll be out the whole day anyway.

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