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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Camiguin Day1 Part2 - Afternoon in White Island

After the long hours of travel, it was already noon when we reached the Island. We didn't waste time, we wanted to get the most of every single minute we were in Camiguin. It was a perfect weather, Mr. Sun was smiling at us. We were all hyped up that afternoon so after resting a bit we went to proceed to our first adventure, the White Island.

We rented a multicab to reach the town and the white island. This multicab charged us P10 for each destination we reached. But for the white island, since it was a bit far, we were charged P20.

From the resort it took us 30 minutes to get to the drop off. Entrance is beside Paras beach resort. Boats were waiting for us to take us to the sand bar for P400 that would fit a maximum of 6 pax. There is an entrance fee of P20. Snorkeling masks are also available for P150 for 2. The boat ride was just around 10 minutes and had to leave the sand bar at 6PM. No one has to stay in this place at this time.

The sand bar is a real beauty, one of the world's wonders. It sits in the middle of the sea with nothing at all but just sand. We enjoyed our time by taking pictures, swimming and snorkeling though fish are just a few. And one of the most memorable, I get to eat a sea urchin!

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