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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Camiguin Day2 - Inland Tour

Thanks to our officemate's wife who has relatives in the island, they arranged a jeepney for our tour for only P2500. Multicabs costs around 2000-2500 and can only fit 6-8 persons. Motors are also available for those traveling alone for 2 for P750.

For breakfast, we tried their kakanin and a sipped cup of tablea chocolate which I really loved!! 

At 10 AM, we were excited to start our tour. We knew it was going to be a wet day so we brought extra clothes, swimsuits, money for entrance fees and souvenirs, camera and of course Sunblock!! Below are the places we visited in order.

Walkway to the Old Volcano.

We didn't dare hike up. We just settled in taking pictures at the foot and the First station. But this place is certainly best during Holy Week.

"Mt. Vulcan can be hiked by way of the Stations of the Cross or The Walkway in Bonbon, Catarman. On the trail are the statues depicting the Roman Catholic Stations of the Cross, which are 14 events in the crucifixion of Jesus, at intervals on the climb. They are a memorial to the dead from the last eruption in the 1950s.[5] Mt. Vulcan, which is locally called the Old Volcano, is a contradiction as it is actually the youngest volcano on the island, formed in the 1871 eruption."-Wikipedia.

Sunken Cemetery

It was actually the town with a cemetery that sunk. I thought, why not named it as sunken "town"? I guess, sunken "cemetery" is more interesting. To reach the cross, you need to ride a boat for P20 each, maximum of 7 persons. 

"During the volcanic birth of the Mt. Vulcan that lasted from 1871 to about 1875, some areas in the town of Bonbon subsided, sinking the cemetery of the town to below sea level. The place is commemorated by a huge cross erected in 1982."-Wikipedia

Old Church Ruins

It was overwhelming seeing the Church ruins. I imagined how beautiful this place was and the people who came to pray and attend mass. A chapel is built inside the church ruin.

"The church of the Old Catarman town was destroyed and partly submerged by volcanic debris during the eruption and formation of Mt. Vulcan from 1871 to 1875. Also known as Gui-ob Church, only the ruins of the church and bell tower remains of the old town."-Wikipedia.

Bura Natural Soda Water Swimming Pool

As the name implies, the water has a pinch of sweetness. But don't drink the water from the pool though, drink from the drinking station. The water is pretty deep and the pool is slippery.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

The water is literally COLD. Like the water in the fridge. You gotta plunge yourself in the water than taking it slowly because after awhile you'd get used to it. What's interesting is that we were swimming with the fish. Salbabidas are for rent for P20. We had our lunch here. There are people waiting outside to cook food for you. Each viands are priced in Kilo.


J&A Fishpen

The idea of J&A Fishpen is to choose the fish you want to eat and have it cooked in the restaurant. Since we just had lunch in Cold Spring, we just went in for sight-seeing and check out their fish. Though we  enjoyed watching the fish as they were big, but I think to fully enjoy this place is by eating in this place. 

Katibawasan Falls

It was almost closed when we visited this place and we're glad they still let us in. We were the only ones remaining and we stayed only for a short time because it was starting to get dark and its becoming creepy. 

"The beautiful Katibawasan Falls cascades 250-foot (76 m.) down to a pool surrounded by orchids and ferns. An invigorating dip on the pool is popular especially on warmer days and several hiking trails are within the park. This is also the favorite jump-off point for trekkers and mountaineers in search of adventure on the slopes of Mt. Hibok-Hibok."-Wikipedia

Ardent Hot Spring

It was already dark when we reached this place. I felt relaxed when we dipped into their hottest pool, 39 degrees as the mark says but we didn't stay long for there were a lot of people and some of them were drinking near the pool. My friends had a bad experience in their restaurant when they tried to order, it took 20 minutes before they were informed that the food they ordered were not available. They cancelled some of the orders and waited for another 20 minutes for the fries and calamansi juice to be served.

We really took time (and effort) to read the Pool Guidelines and were laughing at guideline #6. Well, the place isn't well lit so this "act" is very possible. Hmmm, i wondered about the people who were caught because of this indecent behavior! :P

We went home feeling tired and yet satisfied with the entire experience. All the places we've been to are interesting with its history and for what it is. Swimming with the fish in a cold water is awesome and dipping in a hot water is perfect to end the day.

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